Partner Agencies:

All the amazing agencies in our community who partner with Care-A-Van Ministries throughout the year to serve their community.  We would like to thank:

** Salvation Army                               ** Total Freedom                               ** Ride2Recovery                     ** Fidelis Care

** Mental Health Association              ** Eagle Foundation Fellowship        ** GCASA                                 ** Truth Ministries

** Living Waters Apostolic Ministry     ** Discovery Chapel                          ** PC Publications                    ** Cornell Extension


The ministry is currently supported by 23 local churches whose spiritual and financial support is essential to the operation of the ministry.  Their support allows the ministry to meet the increasing needs within the community and ensures that no one who comes to the ministry will go without prayer, food, or clothing.

volunteers & churches & Partner Agencies


The ministry is blessed to have a large group of volunteers who support the ministry throughout the year and without whom the ministry could not meet all the needs within our community.  Whether it is helping to pray with and distribute food to individuals on Saturday morning; serve food or playing in the band at our Thursday night Austin Park cookouts; or in whatever outreach the ministry is serving during the week, our volunteers are always ready to meet the needs of our community.

We are so blessed to have each and everyone of them in the ministry!!!!

The history of Care-A-Van Ministries

Seeking to reach those in our community for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ

    Care-A-Van Ministries, Inc.

In December 1999, Paul and Bridget Ohlson, along with their two daughters did something radical….they brought Christmas to the people. As they were blessing the people in the streets, they realized that they received a blessing as well.

As they ministered to people in their neighborhoods, they saw the great need that these families had for groceries. In May of 2000, to meet this need, they began to park on the corner of State Street in the city of Batavia and started to pass out free groceries.  Realizing there was an even greater need throughout the city of Batavia, they began to rotate to different neighborhoods every Saturday morning. 

From that initial decision, Care-A-Van Ministries has not missed a single Saturday morning in fourteen years.