Seeking to reach those in our community for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ

    Care-A-Van Ministries, Inc.


Care-A-Van Prayer - Food - Clothing distribution is held every Saturday morning of the month from 10:30 a.m. until Noon.

(See the calendar for locations)

Prayer and encouragement are offered by Care-A-Van volunteers and Pastors; and several tables are set up with donated clothing which families may take home as needed.

Families receive two bags of groceries, baked goods, and a gallon of milk from the Care-A-Van mobile food pantry and additional packages of food are distributed as they are available.  Families and/or individuals are permitted to receive food packages once per month.  Emergency situations will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

These items are a free-will offering by the ministry to those in need provided by the generous donations of our supporters, local churches, and businesses. 

  • City Church ~  Associate Pastor Larry Becker
  • Leroy Baptist ~ Kathy Ferrara
  • Discovery Chapel, Batavia NY ~  Pastor Keith Jensen, Judy Piscitillo, Mona Doyon, Lexi Logsdon
  • Living Waters Apostolic Ministries, Batavia NY ~  Pastor Tim Young
  • Oakfield – Alabama Baptist Church, Alabama NY ~ Pastor Pat Wilson
  • Eagle Fountain Fellowship ~ Pastor Jason Norton
  • Pastoral Care Assistant ~ Pastor Jack McMullen
  • Home Bible Study ~ Pastor Tom Burns
  • Salvation Army ~ Major Bob Kurtz
  • Pastoral Volunteer ~ Nancy Ewert


In January 2010 our Morning Ministry program began with local Pastors from various churches and denominations teaming up with the ministry to hit the streets every Monday through Thursday morning to provide prayer, the Word of God, compassion, and love to those seeking to find comfort in a difficult world.

Coffee and snacks are always served on board!!!