Care-A-Van Ministries, Inc.

Seeking to reach those in our community for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ

2015 Care-A-Van Ministry Outreach Overview

Care-A-Van Ministries is now going on 16 years of outreach to the city of Batavia, thanks to all the volunteers and all that donate.

It is yourCOMMITMENT- CONSISTENCY & FAITHFULNESS that makes this possible.

Being out in the community is vital to brining the good news of Jesus to the people right where they are, after all that's what Jesus did. This last year we had a very cold winter and the ministry with all the volunteers never missed a morning or evening out even in single digit temperatures or heavy snowfalls.  That is is a true testament to those we serve that we really do care.  And when people know you care, they start to believe in you...that's what opens the door to sharing the gospel.

Here is a break down of the needs that were met during 2015:

1,872 families – representing 5,635 people received food packets and an offer for prayer.

1,058 families – representing 3,298 people received food from the outreaches with Food link.

77 families - representing 3,298 people received food at Abundance of Blessing distributions

5,645 meals served at 18 Austin Park Cookouts & 2 college dorms cookouts.

52 people received free dental work at Caring For The City Day. Also 18 agencies were there to offer services to those in attendance.

7 monthly visits to each college dorm room (111 rooms)

800 - 1,000 on trick or treat night.

300 senior citizens received gift bags at Christmas.

170 people came for Easter Dinner.

89 needs were met on the Thursday evening bus ministry during the winter months.

329 Strawberry Shortcakes served at senior living centers Thursday evenings in the spring.

1,136 visits on the bus for Morning Prayer and encouragement Mondays thru Thursdays.

1,383 hot dogs served at outreach events

2,121 brownies served at community outreaches and city events.

67 turkeys and fixings to families for Thanksgiving

105 chickens and fixings to families at Christmas

I would like to encourage each of you if you can to come out at least once and see your donations at work. 

How will they know we care if we don’t go out and share?

We are still working on the mobile church and hoping to have it out into the community by late spring!!!

 Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25:40

Thank you so much again and May God Bless You !

As we say at Care-A-Van…KEEP THE LIGHT ON !

Paul Ohlson